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Ultra-Light Cashmere Lashes - C Curl - Outlash Extensions Pro US
Ultra-Light Cashmere Lashes - C Curl - Outlash Extensions Pro US
C Curls, CC Curls, D Curls, DD Curls, L Curls Cashmere Lashes

Ultra-Light Cashmere Lash Extensions - C Curl

Our Cashmere Lashes are ultra soft, extra lightweight in their body and have a matte finish giving them the darkest colour allowing you to amp up your mega volume sets even more.

Our Cashmere Lashes are tapered throughout the body making them 30% lighter. 

They are on a foil back strip that has been designed to help you pull much more easily especially with our Lola tweezers. 

+ Rich, dark in colour
+ Matte finish
+ Available in C and D curl
+ Available in 9mm to 15mm
+ Available in diameters 0.05, 0.07
+ 30% lighter than our Premium Silk Lashes
+ Foil back strip
+ 16 lines per tray 

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a very thin and soft lash, therefore lashes may relax 30% of the curl during 4 week wearing period. It is important to take extra care of them during wear. In addition, the curl is stronger than our traditional Premium Silk Line. 


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