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  • Talking Lash Health

    Talking Lash Health

    Your client comes in with dirty lashes and it’s your job to explain to that client they need to wash their lashes, brush their lashes and take care of their...

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  • Insurance and why you need it

    You’re driving in your car and BAM, you rear end someone. Thank goodness for that insurance. A client walks into your space and falls, breaking her hip… uhh oh you...

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    Insurance- Outlash Extensions Pro USA
  • A girl having black outfits holds lash wash cleanser

    Aftercare, why you need it

    Selling aftercare to your clients should be a part of your service. It’s a great way to make extra income and it educates your clients to understand the importance of...

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  • The Cost of Cancellations

    Don’t have a cancellation policy? Here’s why you desperately need one. As a business owner we want to work with our clients, we want our clients to be happy -...

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    Cost of Cancellations - Outlash Extensions Pro USA
  • Insurance: Health, Disability and Critical Illness - Outlash Extensions Pro US

    Insurance: Health, Disability and Critical Illness

    Are you covered? Throw your hands up if you’ve taken care of all three. No? Let us break it down for you on why it’s imperative you take care of...

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