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FIRST EDITION Premium Silk Lash Extensions - L Curl

FIRST EDITION Premium Silk Lash Extensions - L Curl

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OultLash Extensions'  L Curl Lash Extensions - Premium Silk Lash Trays

Our L curl lash extensions are made of a sterilized PBT material that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The material is also highly durable, making it perfect for clients who want long-lasting lash extensions. Each lash is double heated to ensure the curl is locked in place, providing a consistent and long-lasting curl that won't lose its shape over time.

+ Rich, dark in colour
Glossy finish
+ Double heated for curls that'll last
+ Available in C, D, DD, and L curls
+ Available in 7mm to 15mm
+ Available in diameters 0.07, 
+ 16 lines per tray
+ 4000+ lashes per try 

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