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Premium Silk Hybrid Lash Extension - Colored Lash Extensions

Premium Silk Hybrid Lash Extension - Colored Lash Extensions

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Experience the luxurious brilliance of our Premium Silk Colored Lash Extension Trays. These lashes are meticulously handcrafted to ensure consistency and top-notch quality. Made from sterilized PBT material, they boast rich, vibrant colors that will make your eyes pop. The double-heated curls guarantee a long-lasting, captivating look. For your convenience, each lash tray comes packaged in plastic wrap to maintain hygiene, with indicator stickers on the bottom and each strip for effortless organization and efficiency. Elevate your lash game with our exquisite Silk Colored Eyelash Extensions today.

+ Double heated
+ Glossy finish
+ Available in Sienna Brown
+ Available in C, D
+ Available in mixed trays only: 9mm to 13mm
+ Available in diameter 0.15
+ 8 lines per tray
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