Your Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Your Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Working from home has plenty of advantages (hello, extra hour in bed) but it can also be filled with challenges including lack of productivity and well-being.

While you’re working from home during our very unprecedented times, here are a few tips you can follow to help keep your days flowing smoothly.

  1. Set clear working hours and stick to them. I’m sure by now you’ve heard us say that we should be using this time to create content, catching up on the backend paperwork, and the never ending to do list. Working from home may mean you can be more flexible but that doesn’t mean all you should is work 24/7. It’s important to have balance, even amidst all the chaos. Emphasize the importance of starting and ending the day at set times.
  2. Have a dedicated work space. Missing the focus you have at when you’ve got a client right in front of you? Don’t worry — it can be recreated at home—well, we can try anyway! If possible, try to create a dedicated space that’s just for working, ideally away from the bedroom.

    Whether that space is the kitchen table or a your new home office, it should feel like your “work space” to help you focus and get into work mode. Whatever it is make sure that you can walk away from it at the end of the day so work doesn’t creep into your downtime. 
  3. Write down your tasks for the day. Such a simple thing to do that we all forget but it’ll help tons to for your day to stay on track. Take it from me, my mind drifts from one thing to another with ideas.

    Another tip: I also set timers for each task to make sure I don’t spend more time than necessary.
  4. Take breaks from your screen. Going from your laptop to your phone can be seriously draining. It’s like looking at fridge every so often. Not to mention the strain it can put your eyes under! 

So think about scheduling some screen-time-free breaks into your day. Go for a walk, get your steps in or even read a few pages of a book to take some time away from your phone and laptop!

Side tip: schedule yourself in for that overdue eye exam when this is all over.

5. Go outside from some fresh air. Sitting in the same room all day without human interaction is challenging for anyone, but factoring in an outdoor break can make all of the difference.

Go for a walk, do an outdoor workout or even tend to some yard work/gardening… Whatever gets you outside and makes you feel good! Fresh air and a change of scenery can reset your mind — and will give you a valuable boost for the afternoon ahead.

6. Turn off notifications outside of working hours. iPhones have settings that let you mute notifications during certain hours. Use it to your advantage!

Going remote unexpectedly can put a damp in your routine. With just a few small changes to your daily habits and processes, you can still be efficient—and hopefully anchor these into your routine for when we get back to lashing!

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