Tips to Keep in Mind for Better Lash Retention

Tips to Keep in Mind for Better Lash Retention

Here's our list of tips to keep in mind for 💣  retention:

1. Am I using enough adhesive? Depending on your placement, whether you’re doing classic or volume, and the porosity of your clients lashes. These are factors in how much adhesive you need to use. Inner corner and finer lashes won’t need much adhesive at all.

Average lashes need, well, an average amount!

Thick, coarse lashes typically need a bit more than average.

Unsure about lash porosity? Head over to our blog on lash porosity.

2. Am I refreshing my glue dot often enough?
Although we use a basic guideline of refreshing our glue dot every 15-20 mins it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the consistency of your adhesive while you lash. Occasionally at the start of your bottle you can go a bit longer and at the end of your bottle you need to refresh more often.

3. Are my clients lashes clean? It is vital that your client has squeaky clean 🧼 lashes. If they don’t have clean lashes the adhesive will cling to excess oils, dirt and makeup rather than the natural lash.

4. Has my adhesive been shaken well enough? It’s always suggested to shake your adhesive anywhere from 90 seconds to 3 minutes before using. Our adhesive shaker really helps and makes this process easy-peasy!

Written by Britt @britt_outlash

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