Ready, Set, Re-Open!

Ready, Set, Re-Open!

As we transition into our new normal, here are a few things to consider to ensure the health and safety of yourself, your team and clients. 

OutLash Extensions Pro is here to provide you with the resources to help you perform your services and feel at ease.

Guidelines for your space

  • Update your protocols and post them on all your platforms and front door.
  • Aside from lashing, maintain a 2m distance from each other.
  • Protect your front end. Install plexiglass barriers in your reception area. 
  • Place sanitation measures at your reception desk.
  • Close off waiting area if you cannot maintain the 2m.
  • Strip your space of linens. This will lighten your load when it comes to your cleaning protocols. 
  • Wipe down any touch points your clients may have.
  • Provide a designated space for your clients belongings.

Guidelines for your team

First, don’t sweat it. The majority of the changes coming in are more on the client aspect. Safety, hygiene and cleanliness are things you’ve already got in the bag. 

  • Thoroughly wash hands in between each client (get ready to sing to yourself throughout the day).
  • Stock up on hand sanitizer for your lash carts.
  • Masks must be worn every time.
  • Face shields for extra protection.
  • Tie hair back.
  • Schedule extra time in between clients for enhanced sanitation measures and stretching. Be kind to yourself. It’s been a while. 

Guidelines for your clients

  • Confirm all appointments 24 hours prior.
  • Pre-appointment screening. View our COVID-19 waivers here. 
  • Disinfect hands upon entering.
  • Have PPE on-hand for clients.

While it’s important to get back to work prioritize your health and safety first. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Wishing you and your team a safe, and busy re-opening! 



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