Lashing Supplies: How Much Adhesive Should You Really Use?

Part Four: How Much Adhesive Should You Really Use?


"Just two little beads of adhesive"


In the world of lash extensions, the right application technique is crucial for achieving long-lasting and stunning results. Every lash artist understands the importance of using adhesive to create a secure bond between the extensions and the natural lashes. However, the key to success lies not only in the quantity of adhesive used but also in understanding the unique characteristics of each client's natural lashes. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on lash extensions and adhesive application techniques that will help you achieve outstanding retention and satisfy your clients' desires.


Assessing Lash Composition for Optimal Adhesive Usage

Sound application techniques require a keen eye for detail, and that starts with assessing the composition of the natural lashes. Each client's lashes are unique, varying in thickness, length, and porosity. By considering these factors, lash artists can determine the appropriate amount of adhesive required for a secure and long-lasting bond.


Thinner Lashes, Less Adhesive

Thinner lashes possess less surface area, which means they require a smaller amount of adhesive to achieve optimal coverage. When working with clients who have naturally fine lashes, it's essential to adjust your adhesive usage accordingly. Applying too much adhesive to delicate lashes can lead to clumping, discomfort, or even premature lash extension fallout. By using a lighter touch and applying a smaller quantity of adhesive, you ensure that the extensions adhere seamlessly to the natural lashes, resulting in a beautiful and comfortable application.


Thicker Lashes, More Adhesive

On the other end of the spectrum, clients with thicker lashes require a larger amount of adhesive to cover the increased surface area. The adhesive acts as a bridge between the extension and the natural lash, ensuring a strong bond. For clients with naturally robust lashes, it's crucial to apply an adequate amount of adhesive to ensure the extensions stay securely in place. This technique not only promotes retention but also enhances the overall appearance of the lash extensions.


Addressing Retention Challenges

Even with the correct adhesive usage, lash retention can be influenced by various factors. However, it's important to note that adhesives themselves are rarely at fault, as they are specifically designed to stick. By mastering your application skills and implementing the following tips, you can address common retention challenges effectively.


Lash Porosity and Product Absorption

Have you ever experienced lashes popping off when brushing them? This issue may arise when your client has natural lashes with low porosity. Low porosity lashes repel product absorption, making it difficult for the adhesive to bond properly. Understanding lash porosity and its impact on retention is crucial for addressing this challenge effectively.

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The Importance of Proper Isolation and Inspection

Properly isolating each natural lash during the application process is essential to avoid any adhesive mishaps. Take the time to meticulously separate the lashes, ensuring that no adjacent lashes stick together. Additionally, thorough inspection at the end of each application helps identify any sticky lashes that may cause discomfort or premature fallout. By diligently checking your work, you can correct any issues and provide a seamless experience for your clients.


Continuing the Journey

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into optimizing lash extensions through proper adhesive application techniques. Remember, your dedication to mastering your craft and adapting your techniques to suit each client's unique lashes is the key to achieving remarkable results and ensuring their satisfaction.


If you're eager to explore more on this topic, we invite you to check out our comprehensive blog series, where we delve into further details on lash composition assessment, adhesive selection, and various application tips and tricks. We're committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in the world of lash extensions.

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