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Part Five: How to Store Your Lash Adhesive for Maximum Freshness

Written by Outlash Admin


Posted on April 29 2020

Last but certainly not least... How to Store Your Lash Adhesive for Maximum Freshness.⁠

In case you didn't know - all OutLash adhesives come with a spec card and a resealable bag.

Eyelashes Adhesives perform best when you protect them from external elements. Here are some quick tips on handling & storing your adhesive to guarantee maximum freshness. 

  1. Store in an airtight container. Once your adhesive has been exposed to oxygen it will begin to break down. For best safekeeping practices place silk cal gel beads or dry rice to absorb moisture.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. Your adhesive composition will change in too hot or cold conditions. Store in room temperature or fridge as indicated by specifications. 
  3. Keep your nozzle clean. Use our cotton and lint free adhesive nozzle wipes. Avoid using fibrous cotton materials to prevent exothermic reactions. Continuous use of cotton materials will slowly start to melt the plastic nozzle from the exothermic reaction. 

Refresh your bottle every four weeks for best retention on clients. 

We hope you've enjoyed our mini-series on adhesives! Read back on parts one through five on our blog here



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