Lash Growth and Educating your Clients

Lash Growth and Educating your Clients

Do you educate your clients about their lash growth and why they need fills? If you don’t already, the perfect time is during their appointment. 

It’s important to explain to clients how the growth cycle is and why they need fills to curb panicked messages (ya know the message we're talking about) and to also ensure that their natural lashes maintain their integrity.⁠

As you can see above freshly applied extensions are placed as close to the base of the natural lash without touching the skin. As time passes the natural lashes grow and with it the extension is farther along the natural lash. This can cause the extension to twist and turn due to the shift in weight on the natural lash. 

When you come in for a fill, grown out extensions are removed and new lashes are applied. ⠀⁠

If you don’t have this visual handy, we always like to compare it to their nails growing out. If there’s polish, you can easily see the regrowth of the natural nail. Polish is removed, a fresh manicure is done and new polish is applied.

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