How to Tell If you Have Poorly Applied Lash Extensions

How to Tell If you Have Poorly Applied Lash Extensions

Here are 3 ways to tell if you have lashes that have been poorly applied: ⁠

1. YOU’RE UNABLE TO BRUSH THROUGH YOUR LASHES. If you can't brush the base and only the tips, then you may have clumped lashes. This means excessive adhesive was applied on more than one natural lash or the extension is stuck together. This leads to poorly grown or damaged lashes.⁠

2. IT HURTS. Irritation, pinching, tugging, etc is a sign of improper lash application. For example, more than one natural lash is stuck together (can lead to premature hair loss due to our lashes being at different stages of the shedding cycle) or adhesive is in contact with the skin (can clog pores and lead to blepharitis, infection, allergy, etc).⁠

3. FEELS HEAVY. When a proper set is applied you should not be able to feel a thing. Heavy lash extensions will damage the lash hair follicle, cause the natural lash to fall out, and may promote downward lash growth.⁠

Solution? Do not remove them on your own. A special remover is required and must be performed by a certified lash technician to ensure the health of your lashes is not compromised. ⁠


This blog post was written by Christine Cardino of @lashselfcare

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