How to Optimize your Instagram Bio

How to Optimize your Instagram Bio

Here are a few tips that every lash artist must have on their Instagram bio. 

First things first, make sure your Instagram profile is set to business mode. This will give you more options to optimize your account.

Your name. We can’t stress this part enough. We always want to know who we’re speaking to. Lash application is such a close contact service, you want to know who is behind those sharp tweezers.

PS: Did you know that your ‘name’ is a searchable feature? Yes! It’s prime real estate for your potential customers to find you. Use this field as your business name and/or something you think your potential customers may search. IE: your city name and lashes. Play around with it and see what works for you.

Location. We always see home based listed on bio’s but they don’t specify where. Are we even in the same country? If your account is set to business mode then you can actually list your address on here and it will become clickable and will open to your default map app on your phone. Clients want to know if they’re near you. You’ll also save yourself time & energy by having the basics listed for everyone to see.

Call to action buttons. This feature is only available on business profiles. This will allow you to list your website, email address, phone number and even booking site via Instagram. Everything should be one click away for your potential clients.


If there’s anything we’ve learned it’s that you need to be able to offer as much efficiency and ease to your clients lives. By optimizing your Instagram bio, you’re helping potential customers reach you faster.
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