Finding the Right Fit: Is working with a team for you?

Finding the Right Fit: Is working with a team for you?

Let’s talk about the right fit and no we’re not talking about what length to put on your clients. We’re talking about the right fit when it comes to the team you’re a part of. 

Working solo may not be for you after you’ve taken your own lash course—researching and choosing your first lash bar can be daunting. As you embark on your journey as a beauty professional, it’s important for you to find the best fit not only for your talent but also your personality. 

Finding the right place for you is important for all parties involved. A great place will be investing time and money in you and your career—they want to make sure you are happy and successful in in your practice because ultimately, you are a pillar in their business. 

So, what do you need to look for? 


It’s critical for you to evaluate whether or not a lash bar is the right fit for you and your personality. You’ll be spending lots of time with your co-workers. It’s important to know if you’ll mesh. 

  • Are there team meetings often?
  • Are their team building exercises?
  • Will you have a mentor?
  • What are the dress code expectations? 
  • What is the atmosphere like?

Training Expectations 

Getting your certification is just the first step in building a successful career. Apprentice programs will offer you the opportunities you need to help build the skills you need to sustain a career. Any client based business will require you to invest time. 

As a new artist you should plan to work anywhere between six to eighteen months as a junior lash artist—of course this is also variable on how hungry and consistent you are. Expectations of you will be to learn your work’s culture, mission and values in addition to polishing your skill sets such as consultations, mapping and client education. It's important to ask Is their is opportunity for mentoring or training within your employment.

Compensation and Benefits

Ask, ask, ask. You need to be vocal about everything before joining a team especially when it comes to compensation and benefits—we don’t work for free, am I right? 

  • Is the salon commission or hourly based?
  • Are you an employee or a contractor? 
  • Do they offer flexible schedules? 
  • What is the policy for booking time off?
  • How will the salon help you build your client book? 
  • How are supplies managed? 
  • Do they offer continuing education? 
  • Do they offer a health insurance plan?
  • Do they offer disability insurance? Yes; extremely important because can you afford to not work if you injured your hand? 
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