Lash Artist Tips: Essential Policies for a Successful Business

Lash Artist Tips: Essential Policies for a Successful Business

As a lash artist, ensuring a successful business involves more than just delivering great service; it also requires having well-defined policies and procedures in place. These guidelines will not only help you maintain consistency and efficiency but also build a strong foundation for handling any issues that may arise with clients. Before seeing your next client, make sure you have the following essential policies established:


Cancellation Policy: Prior Communication is Key

Clients should be made aware of your cancellation policy before booking an appointment. Implementing a 24-48 hour cancellation policy is generally recommended. This means that if a client cancels within this time frame, they may incur a cost, typically 50% of the appointment fee.


Exceptional Circumstances: Emergencies

In extraordinary situations, such as emergencies, it's essential to be understanding. Clients facing such circumstances should be treated with empathy, recognizing that these situations are beyond their control. Having compassion for your clients will strengthen your relationship with them, and they will likely respect your policies and willingly pay any cancellation fee.


Rescheduling Policy: Keep Your Schedule on Track

A rescheduling policy should complement your cancellation policy, allowing a 24-48 hour window for clients to change their appointment. This helps ensure that your schedule stays on track and minimizes disruptions to your business.


No Show Policy: Valuing Your Time

When a client doesn't show up for their appointment, it can be frustrating and result in lost income. In such cases, it's fair to charge the client 100% of the missed appointment fee. If the client had paid a deposit, it should cover some of the loss. However, if there was no deposit, and the client wishes to book again, consider requesting full payment for the service in advance. If a client becomes a repeat "no-show," it may be necessary to politely inform them that they are no longer welcome as a client.


Late Policy: Respect Time and Schedules

To maintain efficiency and fairness, establish a clear late policy. If a client arrives tardy, define how much flex time you can accommodate (e.g., 15 minutes). Beyond the grace period, you may need to reschedule the client, charging them 100% of the appointment cost, or offer the option to receive a partial service within the remaining time.


Re-Lash Policy: Setting Clear Expectations

Define the requirements for re-lash appointments versus full sets. It is generally advisable for clients to schedule fills no more than four weeks past their last appointment. If a client books beyond the four-week mark, inquire about the number of lashes remaining. If it's less than 40%, consider it as a new set.


Refund Policy: Transparency and Client Satisfaction

Establish a clear stance on refunds for various situations, such as allergic reactions or lash retention issues. Typically, refunds for completed sets are not provided. Instead, aim to accommodate the client with a complimentary fix or touch-up. Ensure that you communicate this policy during thorough consultations, and have clients acknowledge it by initialing it on consultation forms. If the client remains unhappy after attempting to rectify the issue, consider offering a discount on their next fill to maintain a positive client relationship.


Fix Policy: Addressing Client Concerns

When a client expresses dissatisfaction with their lash applications, provide a solution-oriented approach. Offering a complimentary fix period, preferably around five days, allows the client ample time to reach out and address any concerns. For issues reported beyond a week, natural lash fallout or lifestyle factors may be involved, making it difficult to assess the original application. In such cases, consider providing a discount on a fill as a compromise and a gesture of goodwill.



In conclusion, implementing well-defined policies and procedures is vital for a successful lash artist business. These guidelines provide clarity, consistency, and guidance in handling various situations that may arise with clients. By prioritizing effective communication and transparent policies, you can create a positive and long-lasting impression on your clients, setting the stage for a thriving lash artist career.


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