American vs. Russian Volume

American vs. Russian Volume

American and Russian volume are two terms we’re sure you’ve heard thrown around before. Did you know there’s a difference between the two?

Many lash techniques originate in Russia and then are adapted as they travel west through other parts of Europe and to North America. Preferred looks often vary by region, lash artist and of course per client. 

The most significant difference is that American volume is full of texture, staggered, and more wispy in comparison to Russian volume. When creating American volume we use up to 20(!) very fine lashes to create big “palm tree” shaped fans that vary in uniformity.

Russian volume is dense throughout creating a very clean, straight top line. Did you know that it is often done using .07 lashes and rarely longer than 12mm? When creating a Russian volume look, the goal is for every fan to be exactly uniform and perfect. this is how they create that liner and perfect line effect. There is very little texture with this style of application. As you place lash extensions throughout the lash line, it's also important to note that the angle you place each fan will change to create that swoop effect.

So, what style is better? That is a conversation for you and your client to have during your consultation. If they love a big textured 'Kim K' style then American volume is definitely what they’re after. Perhaps they would prefer a more wearable, clean, dark lash line for everyday? Then Russian Volume will achieve this look.
Let us know what your preference is! 
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