5 Tips to Write a Better Instagram Bio

5 Tips to Write a Better Instagram Bio


  1. Give Your Profile Picture Some Love

Before someone reads your bio or clicks on any links, they want to see you! Showcase your best self. Take headshots or selfies—but make sure they’re high quality and not pixelated. You can also use your business logo if you’d prefer.

  1. Find Your Focus

Your bio should serve as a mission statement. Use it to tell what you and your business offers. Be concise and direct.

  1. Be Strategic with Searchability

In lieu of using your name in the given field, consider using it as what your potential customer might search. For example: [Your City] Lashes or Volume Lashes in [Your City]

  1. Clickability

Did you know that when you place hashtags in your your bio, it’s clickable? Use this to your advantage to showcase your work by creating a hashtag dedicated to your craft. More importantly, get all of your contact information on there, stat. When you’re accessible to potential clients, you’re making it easier for them to choose you as their lash artist.

  1. Set Up Your Highlights

Creating Highlight covers that are seamless are not only aesthetically pleasing but they can also be used to showcase FAQ’s, your work, policies and more.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and use them to your advantage!

XO, Jess

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