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Top 5 reasons to become a lash artist

Written by Jessica Lapuz


Posted on January 25 2021

You've become an artist! Release that inner creativity while making your clients look and feel beautiful! Lashes are highly customizable, you'll need to experiment and research just like any other artist.
Choose your own hours. Being a lash artist offers you the chance to work as much or as little as you would like. Want to take a yoga class at noon or go on a dinner date? No problem! Take clients whenever works best for you. 
You get to work with a variety of people and your work changes often. It is nearly impossible to get bored while doing eyelash extensions. 
Flexibility! No more commuting - if you choose! Working as a lash technician offers you the chance to work from home. Of course you can also work in a salon which can be an easier way to build initial clientele. 
Make that lash money! Just like you can choose your own hours this also allows you to make as little or as much money as you’d like. There is no ceiling and depending on your skills and speed it’s easy to make enough to have a very comfortable life. 
Interested in taking things into your own hands? Visit our Education page for course information and to start your lash career today.