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Contracts & Interview Questions

Written by Ria Parsbey


Posted on March 03 2023

Being in the beauty biz means you need to be a beauty boss. Never sign anything without reading it first. Here’s a few tips on what to look out for in your contract and questions to ask before.

  1. Compensation - This will vary depending on the company and location. Make sure you are being compensated fairly. Generally speaking a 40% commission rate is average throughout the industry. If hourly, usually a three month probationary period is required before a raise can be acquired but make sure you are getting paid a living wage, don’t settle for minimum wage. If you are bringing clients into the business, remember that you have more power to negotiate.

  2. Compete clause - Sometimes we go into something with the best intentions and it just doesn’t work out. You want to protect yourself and your business. If you build a clientele, be sure that you are able to stay working within a close proximity to your previous job. You also want to ensure that there is no clause that allows you not to work for a period of time. Ask if you’ll have access to your clients. All of this is important to understand should things not work out.

  3. Health benefits - If this is something included in your contract, make sure you understand what kind of coverage you’ll be receiving and when those benefits start. A lot of businesses do not offer health benefits, make sure you pay attention to this. In our industry taking care of yourself is half the battle to a long lasting career.
Here are some tough, yet important questions to ask.
  1. What are your expectations of me as an employee? It’s important to know what your potential employer is looking for.  How much time do they expect you to put into work? Are they looking for quality over quantity or quantity over quality (yes this is absurd to think about but the reality of working within a salon or beauty boutique). 

  2. What kind of culture do you provide? In an industry that is full of estrogen, this is an important question to ask if you want a peaceful work environment. Ask how conflict is dealt with. This is so important to ensure a work environment that is positive and safe.

  3. Is there room to grow? You want to make sure that you can grow into another position. This could also mean larger commissions or hourly rates. If you’re bringing in a lot of clients you should be paid your worth.

  4. Do you provide any mentorship or education? At OutLash we train our girls to lash a certain way to keep lashing consistent throughout our space. We want all of our staff to provide a certain experience. Offering further education inside the business or outside the business is always helpful for personal growth. 
Never be afraid to ask questions. Most employers even prefer this and expect it.